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About Me

Amateur/Professional photographer, born and raised, and I still live in, and enjoys ARKANSAS the Natural State.

Please keep our world GREEN, and keep it CLEAN :))*

The nature of the Arkansas Ozarks, and all nature in general gives me each frame to share. I was born, and raise in the foothills, and the backwoods of Arkansas. I grew up exploring, and playing in its forest, and we were always searching out the caves, and exploring bluff areas, and just playing for countless hours in its forest.
I enjoy hiking the Arkansas Ozarks National Forest, and its many preserved wilderness areas .
I do have more difficulties hiking today, but I have acquired a few thousands of files. Being out doors, and just enjoying the peacefulness of the wilderness, smelling the earthy smells, inspired me to pick up the camera.
What better way to share but through my lens? Its such a pleasing way to capture, and share the beauty I so much enjoy arround me. Of course it is my hopes that my images bring a bit of joy to you as well.
Through my camera lens, Arkansas, and its backwoods continue to be the playground of my lifetime.

I am Inspired by Thomas Kincade's paintings of light, I do enjoy capturing the colors of light, no matter how simple the scene.

*PLEASE ENJOY, and thank you for visiting my nature gallery*

*Proust once said, "The real voyage of discovery
consist not of seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes".*

*What a beautiful veriety is displayed in plants! From the lowly sprig of moss, to the majestic oak! Our eye glances from flower to flower, and wheather we climb the steep mountain, decend into the valley, or seek the friendly shade of the woods. We everywhere find new beauties, all differing from one another!*
~ the old farmers alminac, 1834