Hi everyone, I shoot with a t3i and it has a cropped sensor. I have been considering adding a wide angle lens to my gear, I have narrowed it down to the Ef 10-18 f4.5-f5.6 or the ef 10-22 f3.5-4.5. My question is, with my cropped sensor does it make sense to spend the extra $ on the 10-22? Will I get the results I want at all with a wide angle lens on a cropped sensor camera? Thanks in advance for your input!

I recently had the chance to shoot with the new 10-18mm and was impressed with the sharpness .I own the Canon 10-22 and the Sigma 10-20.The 10-18 is as sharp or sharper than either of them for a lot less $.It is also the only WA lens with image stabilization.I shoot 90% of my photos on a tripod with Mirror lock up so the IS is not that important to me but I took a few handheld hdr shots and the IS worked fine.It's lighter than the 10-22 due to the plastic construction but the glass rivals that of an"L" lens.Go to B&H Photo and read the reviews .As usual Canon doesn't give you a lens hood or case ,they should take a cue from Sigma ,who includes a hard case and hood.B&H lists a hood for $27.95.

Thanks Pau! You rock!