Ok I am having difficulty capturing night photos. What do yall set your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO for this type of capture??! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Cee Cee! So it all depends on what your shooting. First of all, ALWAYS USE A TRIPOD FOR NIGHT SHOTS!!! If you are doing a shot of traffic, trying to create that line sort of look from the lights, do a long exposure. Use a shutter speed of around 15 seconds, apeture F/8, and 100 ISO. If you are doing portrait photography at night, use a 15th of a second shutter speed, F/4, 800-1600 ISO. If you are just trying to get a good shot of the city, try a 5 second exposure, F/8, and 800 ISO. But, ALWAYS USE A TRIPOD!!!! Once again, it all depends on what you are shooting. What are you trying to shoot?