Hey guys just wanted to say that I'm looking so forward to growing season in Arkansas. The winter just seemed to be forever long but now here we are and everything is starting to bloom. Irises are next and I love love love them! Let's see if I can post a picture on here...

! Prissy Miss Iris

Well that didn't go as expected maybe someone can help me - can you post an actual picture in the forum or just a link?

Where is your favorite place to take flower pictures - I love taking them in my own yard but I'm wanting to get out and take some other places this spring. Garven Gardens is an obvious place but where else?

I guess I'm a little late but I just found the topic. I love shooting wildflowers; it's what got me into photography in the first place. I've learned a great place to find them is along Arkansas' country roads. Just park and walk a few miles when it's wildflower season; I guarantee you'll find a few! And I'm no help with the link, sorry!