Hey people please join my new group.

I would like to join, I would also like some advice! I am going on a trip in September through the South West. I would like to get some good night sky in the desert photos but do not know the best way to capture stars in a night sky. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

Dawn, my tips for stars are: 1. Shoot wide and try to get some of the landscape in the shot. 2. Let in as much light as you can. When I do my milky way shots, my settings are usually iso 1600 to 6400, 20 - 30 sec., f-stop of 2.8 - 3.5. I've found that my best results are at 25 sec. @ f2.8 (3.5 if on my kit lens) and iso 6400. 3. Shoot RAW. Once again, it's about getting as much information as you possibly can. 4. Use a remote to fire off your camera.

Here's a video that really helped me out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Kfr8RG3zM

Thank you Chris, its very helpful information.

Where do you join?

Where do you join?