Bryan Corey Admin

This forum is dedicated to moving the site's community beyond online connection into the real-world connections. It's the place to announce and organize photography-based events, as well as remember past events in words and photos. Please observe these simple rules:

  • Post important event information in the topic's subject. A simple format to follow is [event title] - [date] - [location] (RSVP required). Examples include:
    • My Gallery Showing - 7/1/2012 - Somewhereville (RSVP required)
    • Photographing the Fireworks - 7-4-2012 - That Park
  • Post only photography-related events. Things such as photo walks, workshops, gallery exhibitions, or even a BBQ for photographers are all fine. Your uncle John's laser-tag birthday party, however, likely doesn't fit.
  • Keep event information up to date.
  • While you may ask for RSVP's via the forum, you will need to manage them yourself however you see fit. We like EventBrite for this purpose.
  • Follow the general forum rules.