I'm trying to throw together something before winter. I want to gather as many photographers as I can to take a weekend trip around Central and West Arkansas. I want to organize something like this.

Day 1 : Meet up and shoot the sunrise from the Petit Jean gravesite overlook at Petit Jean State Park. Shoot for approximately from Sunrise-Noon. Travel approximately 107 miles on I-40W to shoot the mountains overlooking Mountainburg, Ar for approximately 2-3 hours (I'll show more locations as I go, but I know a few up there)...Drive approximately 67 miles on US 71 North to Pea Ridge National Military park to finish the day shooting the battelfield there. Although I am camping there, anyone who goes is more than welcome to drive into Bentonville to rent a hotel.

Day 2 : Wake up around 7-8 A.M and shoot the sunrise on the battlefield. Drive Approximately 30 miles on State Road 62 East to Eureka Springs..Spend 3-4 hours shooting there. Drive approximately 190 miles on US-167 South to US 64 back towards Petit Jean State Park.

do realize this is something I threw together off the top of my dome lol, if you have suggestions or ideas for a trip, please let me know.

Sound like fun would like to learn more.

I'm just coming up with ideas but i'm sure I can manage to throw something together. Let me know if you have any ideas.

This sounds great to me! I haven't had this opportunity yet and haven't been able to photograph the Western sites at all. I'll be at Mt. Magazine and surrounding areas from Oct. 22-25 and have a granddaughter due in early December. Let me know as soon as you lock down dates.

Yes ma'am I'll surely let you know tentatively when the dates will be.

Hey, I might be down for this, Cody, but I might want to meet up in the Mountainburg or Pea Ridge area if that's possible at the time... keep me posted, sounds fun!

I would be interested in this as well!!

Sounds good.

Sounds good.

Sounds good.