Did anyone else notice that there was little to no wildlife in the latest book? I really hope they have a wildlife challenge this time around. And then a bird challenge perhaps?

I honestly didn't notice when I first looked through the book but you are absolutely right, Eilish. I hope to see a wildlife challenge too...that will take me out of my comfort zone (landscape) and challenge me personally in my photography pursuit.

BTW, a big congratulations on earning the grand prize.

Yes Eilish congrats on your grand prize. You are racking up this year. I was hoping you would show up at the release party so I could finally meet you in person.

Now they just need to get the next challenge up. The book is out, let's go.

I still can't believe I made it into the book, much less won grand prize, without a wildlife section in the book. I was at Mt. Nebo to cover the Hang gliding season opening the morning of the release. Unfortunately the fly in was cancelled so I missed the release party for nothing. I would have liked to meet everyone!