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Totally trying to be patient about the "Water"challenge. How long does it take to judge a contest. Im just about done with CA i think. Trying to upload a photo and i get "error"

Larry I too was wondering so I emailed the CA staff today and got this response:


I’m not sure when the next challenges are scheduled to go up, and unfortunately also don’t know when the previous challenges will be awarded. I’ll send a note along to see about getting the results posted for the prior challenges.


Admin // Capture Contest Staff

LOL!!! I had completely forgotten about the water challenge.

Well I'm done with CA. I found myself not taking pictures because I felt limited to Arkansas. Also, I found out there are others like CA. Well lots more reasons besides this topic on the challenge they obviously don't care how much time, talent, and money that goes into our "free" photos.

I've felt that CA has been dying a long, slow death over the past year or two. Now, there's only a handful of photos posted each day and hardly any interaction other than the occasional "good shot", or that one comment that tries to make a joke out of a serious photograph, but ends up being more offensive (not purposely) than funny to the photographer. The forums have become a place to whine when someone doesn't like something rather than a sounding board to pass around good ideas, plan meetups, or receive good critiques and advice. In fact, the first page alone has 4 topics that complain either about the voting or the way contests are ran. Personally, I love sharing my knowledge and I would love for this site to get back to that, but unfortunately, it seems that without some changes, and doing something to draw people back in, this site is destined to fail.

I've come to the realization this site was not created to help photographs be better at what they do but to simply get free photos for publication. The POTD means nothing in terms of being the best photo submitted, it's simply a popularity contest...that was really an eye opener for me but hey, it is what it is.

CA is a site owned and operated by a publishing company with one make money. You can't fault them for that, that's what companies do. I think most of the photos selected for publication are carefully selected by employees of the publication company and even if you don't get paid for your photo(s), you get to say you're a published photographer.

Don't leave, just post your shots and wait to see what happens.

I hope CA is "not quite dead yet." I've been here only slightly over a year, but I've learned new things about photography and Arkansas from all of your photos.

Angie, hang in there, I always got inspiration and ideas from the many talented Photographer here. There are a great bunch of people hear willing to share thoughts and ideas about your photographs. I've made a lot of friends here just wish the Admin. Felt the same way as we do about our photos and the time and money that goes into them. Lola, I understand "it is what it is" but this Admin. needs to fulfill their part. I have not deleted my profile yet and I do come back from time to time to look at the photos. Maybe I'll post something again later. Just lost my enthusiasm about CA. because of their lack of interest. Come on Admin. just judge the challenges in a timely fashion.

What about "Take Me out to the Ballgame" and the one about Frank Broyles? They were older than the water challenge.

I agree Kathy, they are (Admin.) not very responsible. They snatch up our photos and don't uphold their end. That's why you don't see anymore of my photos on here. I'm very close to deleting my profile. The only positive thing about this is, I have met people like yourself and other really talented Photographers. Most of which have already liked my page on fb and, am friends with.