Does befords still sponsor Capture Arkansas?

That's a good question, Ashton, but it would appear from the page banners that they do not. That would also seem to relate to the lack of challenges this year. I hope someone official notices your question and answers it.

That is a good point i wonder why there has not been any challenges this year?

You really got me noticing more details to which I had not really paid attention lately, Ashton, and I decided to go to the opening page before we log in. It would also appear that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette no longer sponsors this site, either. The only sponsor that appears anywhere is the First Security Bank system. I am happy that they are a sponsor, and I enjoy every December seeing whose photos have been chosen for their calendar, but I do wonder if there is any longer a Photo of the Week or publication of Capture Arkansas photos in any of the publications of the Democrat-Gazette.

I saw a photo of the week in the paper about a month ago but i dont know if they still do now.

I wrote to the admins and asked why the Photo of the Week was no longer being chosen. They said the AR Democrat-Gazette was no longer a sponsor. I took that to mean THEY chose the POTW.

Ok i wonder why they are all not sponsoring capture Arkansas anymore...?