Has anyone bought used lens or other accessories from websites like B&H photo and video or Adorama camera? And was it worth it? (was the thing you ordered in good condition?)

I have not because I ask the same questions to my self. If I was going to buy used I would do it local or from someone I have known, so I could try it and make sure it is what I want and it worked.

That's what i was thinking because even thought it is cheaper used they still can cost a lot.

I buy most everything used. Some local, some from Ebay. Got both my body and one high end lens from ebay.

Did most of it come in good condition? Thanks!

Yes, no issues. If there had been I would have simply sent it back. The one that made me nervous was a local purchase of a used lens. Have there been any issues I would have had no recourse. But the price was low enough that I wasn't too worried about it.

That is true i guess you can just return it if it isn't good. Eric, Where have you ordered used equipment from ?

All from Ebay from private sellers. A great time to get some great kit is when the latest and greatest thing has just come out and the last generation falls out of favor for folks that must have the newest thing. I picked up my Tamron 24-70 2.8 right after the G2 came out for half the price of the state of the art. Still a fantastic lens.

Okay thank you. I'm thinking about ether a 10-20mm lens or a 300mm lens