I've sent this to the technical support email link, along with receiving a confirmation email that it was received, along with sending it via direct message on here to one of the techs/admins. Zero reply whatsoever, so I thought I'd ask here if any of you have had the same issue and/or any suggestions:

Hey guys,

I haven't uploaded any photos in a few months, but have never had any issues in the past.

Here over the last couple of days I have had zero success in trying to upload photos. I select the photo(s) from my computer (I've tried both one at a time and multiple), click the upload button, and the status bar remains blank/white no matter how long I let it be.

I went through your help section on the issue and all the suggestions. I have the latest version of Firefox, my Java and Adobe flash are up to date, I cleared cache and cookies, and disabled my AdBlock for this site. I have very few add-ons/extensions, and none have any effect. I have noticed zero issues with any other websites, and that includes being able to easily upload photos on some others. Any ideas??

Thanks, dave

Do you use Yahoo email? If so, they have had issues receiving those emails thru their Contact piece for some reason.

Here is Bryan's direct email, hope this helps:

Hopefully they get you taken care of.