Can anyone tell me why I don't get more votes on my photos? I would appreciate any comments and help I can get. It's kinda frustrating that I don't get more votes on my photos. I have won awards on my photos on Pixoto but not much luck on here.

Larry, I've discovered a lot of people provide links to their photos on social media and solicit for votes from their friends and family. This was a real eye opener for me and kinda of turned me off but it's not against the rules. I always just wanted my photos to be selected POTD by my peers and not because I was promoting my work. Also, I think a lot of people have just become so busy they post their work and leave without scrolling through and voting.

Good luck!

Larry and Lola, I seem to remember that soliciting votes through social media is mentioned/encouraged in the FAQ section of CA. I just never figured out how to do it, so I rely on CA peer votes. I,too, have noticed people submitting photos on CA and then leaving without further participation. It is what it is! But I do enjoy Capture Arkansas! I've not been as active lately because of computer issues, but I hope to get them worked out soon! Hang it there!

Larry - It seems as if there are not too many people posting that have been around very long. There are a lot of new posters that seem to post a lot of photos all at once, never vote for anything, and then after the initial postings, do not return. And, a few that have been around for some time, just post but never vote for anyone else. I can think of a few that I know that feel as if they are doing everyone a favor by dropping by and allowing us to see their work. I have noticed that withing the past year, even if I get POTD, the vote count is getting smaller and smaller.

I don't know the answer, but it is not just you.

Thanks for your input, it just irks me , that all .


CA wants you to solicit through other social media because that is more free advertising for them. CA has become a "popularity" contest, or maybe it was all along but I think in the beginning it was actually about better photography. Some of the things that get POTD these days in my opinion have not been all that great. But they have a lot of "friends" that come like them. Just my opinion.

I agree with you totally, I think Bedford has a lot to do with it, If you buy from them are take classes you get preferred treatment.

Larry, I honestly do not think Bedford's has anything to do with the selection of POTD. I think the system runs on an algorithm that selects POTD by the number of votes a photo receives and the algorithm also recognizes users and a user cannot get more than one POTD in a seven day period. You could post an out of focus horrible photo but if you have the most votes the system selects your photo for POTD. You and the system are the only ones that know who your voters are and how many votes you get. Once in a while I think the site admins checking on the site see an outstanding photo and override the system to select a really great POTD...but I think this is very rare. Now, with all that said, when it comes to the publication of photos I think there is a lot of time spent selecting high resolution, great quality photos that meet the posting watermarks or borders.

This is just my opinion and I could be partially or totally wrong :)