Hi. I'm an amateur, slightly pro photographer. I shoot a lot of people, but have really gotten into shooting landscapes and abandon buildings I've found. I usually shoot 3 bracketed photos and I'm trying to find a program that can combine the photos without giving them that cheap HDR look. I found one I liked, but its really only good if you are tryng to get a darker emotion in your photo. Anyone know a good program that i could use this summer to get a nice airy feeling to my photos? (I dont use Photoshop so any other programs besides that)

Hey Nicholas, what camera body are you using?

Nicholas,try SNS HDR

@Mitch Im shooting mostly with a Nikon D5200. @paul OK I'll check it out.

Have you tried the HDR feature in the camera? I see it only uses 2 exposures but its worth a try, post process as usual.

No it gives it that overly done HDR look.

Ok, just a suggestion if you hadn't tried it. I use Photomatix and some in camera, it has a natural setting along with several others.

Nicholas, you mentioned you found one that you liked but it gives a darker emotion. Which one is that? I use Photomatix and you can use different settings with it to make it look more natural or more over-cooked, whatever look you're after. Which post-processing software do you use since you don't use Photoshop? A lot of times you can just adjust the Shadows/Highlights and not have to do HDR.