To whom it may concern: I have been away from CA for a couple of years now (due to trying to get my life back in order after an EF4 tornado ripped though it and our house). Used to be that when photos were uploaded that all the meta data showed up under the photo. Why is it not showing up now? All I see is camera type and ISO.

When I was a "newbie", all of the meta data information was a great help to me so I would know where to start with my own settings. I didn't want to rely on Auto settings on my camera.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this or even cares about it. But, I do. Thanks!!

A number of us have been wondering and lamenting the same thing, Becky. If you will check out the topic Camera Settings under General Discussion, you will see several other posts about the subject. Kirt Wilson even wrote the administrators and posted their reply. I occasionally forget to do it, but I have been trying to remember to post my settings in my caption when I post a photo. For right now, it appears that is all we can do.

It took me a couple of days to notice, but we have our settings back. Hallelujah!