I have done barely any night exposures and went out trying to get some practice. My husband and I are taking a trip to San Francisco next month and I want to take some night shots while I'm there. I went over to UCA to try to practice. I got this one just right at dusk. I struggled a lot with the WB because the lights from the fountain were a different color than the lights on the building, and if I set WB for one of those the sky looked too unnaturally blue, so I reduced saturation in post processing to create this image. It was right after a storm so I wanted to enhance the cloudy sky with my image.

Still, I'm not happy with the results. Please critique and tell me what you would have done differently.

When I look at a low light landscape photo, I look at 3 things: Composition, Noise, Purpose.

1.Composition....This is a well composed shot, I see what you're saying about the WB being different in the fountain than the sky, but that doesn't make this any less charming of a photo. The slow shutter speed incites a misty like water fountain. The well lit building in the back ground also is well composed. 2.Noise This is a very nice image simply because there's so little noise. 3.Purpose This a good composition which has good purpose. You show the entire photo instead of having bokeh on the lights in the background or even on the foreground. I think this is overall a very nice photo.


Well done Cody! I have nothing to add.