Could someone please critique these and also let me know how I should edit them? I have NX2

Hi Debbi, you did a fantastic job on these photos. The exposure is fine, as is the composition. I have only two suggestions, as far as editing and this applies to both photos. First, they are slightly tilted. I would bring the right side down slightly to even it up with the left. Second, I would crop off some of the right side of the photo. It looks like you could lose pretty much all of the highest hill in the background without degrading the beauty of the scene. I think you could lose some of the top too, but not much. I would leave the left side and bottom as is. Experiment some, you can always undo and redo. Try to avoid ending up with the brightest part of the photo dead center, like a bullseye. Off-center, if only slightly, works better. One more thing - its a very close call, but of the two photos, I think I prefer the top one. Finally - my suggestions relate to my own personal taste. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Thanks so much for taking the time to critique these. Great practical advise. I never thought about not having the brightest part in the center of the photo. Great suggestions! I'm going to play around with it a bit. Thanks again!

I agree with Doug on most of his comments, Debbi. The top pic is also my favorite of the two. Obviously you have some underexposed areas, and that is probably due to shutter speed. When using low ISO, which is correct for this scene, try switching to shutter priority and slow down enough to get some detail. At first this may take some experimentation, but a couple looks into your viewfinder at results and you'll have it nailed down. Good shot, by the way!

Perhaps 1-2 degrees more clockwise on the straightening? I don't know Nikon's software, but can you bump your exposure to see if that would help? You've got a good shot of a beautiful moment, Debbi, but it's evidently not pleasing you... what about it do YOU want to change? Maybe that will help with the process.

Ok, I'll try that. Actually, I am so inexperienced with this, I don't know how to even assess what needs to be done. I just appreciate everyone here being so helpful!

OK....the only thing this photo needs is just a little more cropping. There is too much sky. I would take off that top line of clouds, and call it a day. Give that a try, and see what you think.

Ok, great. Thank you again, Michael and Doug! I will also study your photos to get more ideas.