Will someone please critique this.

Rustic Barn by elijah roberts

Rustic Barn by elijah roberts

The owner still uses this barn that looks likes it's about to fall.

Good positioning. Overly saturated. Needs sky

thanks .

I agree with Fred sky is really important to kinda ground a big barn like this. I would love to see this from just a tad bit more of the front - looks like the front was really interesting and would have shown off the roof line better but it is hard to tell unless you are standing in front of the barn itself. I also think it is too saturated but that is kind of a personal preference and depends on what look you are going for. I always have trouble getting just the right look on a cloudy day - sometimes you just need the sun to make a photo pop:) Love the barn though really neat one.

Karen makes a good point about getting more of the front of the barn. First, it would get that distracting tree out of the shot. Second, it would help you get the entire barn in the shot (not cutting off the very corner of the roof makes a huge difference even though its a very tiny detail) along with a little bit of negative space on the left side of the photo that would help frame the barn. I can see just the slightest bit of fence coming off the barn on the left side. Adding more of that fence would give a nice line for your eye to follow through the photo.

About the editing, it is definitely over-saturated as stated before, and there is too much contrast as well, which, if not handled correctly can add to the over-saturation issue. You've lost most of the detail in the shadows, especially on the front of the barn, and a little in the highlights.

This barn has a lot of character, and when something has that much character, you sometimes have to tone down the editing and let that character speak for itself. Sometimes all a photo needs is a very slight curves/levels adjustment.

awesome suggestions by all - I would like to see the sky filled with color, however, you may have wanted it that way.

Here's my thoughts (and I'm not a professional by any means). I think it may lack a little focus. If you do want over-saturation then try focusing on something in particular (like the contrasting color and texture of the wood exterior and the corrugated metal roof). If you just want a beautiful, peaceful shot of a barn then focus on just tweaking the curves and bringing out the shadows and layers, along with making the sky pop or even just blend in behind it. I, personally, would love a close-up of both the exterior and the roof, but I love showcasing the juxtaposition of varying textures and materials.