The best thing that ever happened to me as a photographer was having them honestly critiqued! We all get plenty of positive feedback from friends and family. It's good to get some feedback about what you could have done to make an image even better. There is so much to learn!!

Very true! I have been a member of a web site for over five years with members worldwide where reviews are written and have learned alot. Especially when it comes to composition.

Composition is something I still struggle with.

Composition is something I still struggle with.

I think that is true for most people. One gets in a hurry. I try and visualize the image ahead of time for impact and the least amount of cropping. But spontaneous reaction sometimes gets the best of a person.

Collins Creek

I'm not sure I am doing this correctly, but I'm going to try. I am open to all critiques, as I am definitely a beginner. I did edit these some, but I need LOTS of help with all aspects. I really want to learn this, so please feel free to be honest.

I just want people to say more than 'nice shot'. I feel like my style is underrated.

Amanda, I am only a hobbyist, and so I am unqualified to critique anyone's photos. I agree that there is a lot of "nice shot" on CA that is friendly and nice, but not necessarily helpful. But I know when I like something that I see, and I know when it makes an emotional impact on me, and your work definitely does that. It's not like anything else on this site. Your portraits are beautiful and gritty and unafraid. In my eyes your work can't be overrated. So, not a "nice shot" but not exactly a critique either.

I open all of my photos for the little critique star rating when I post them, but so far no one has done so. I sort of have an internal critique system, and that is when the better photographers on here "dig" or comment, then I know it's a pretty good shot, when I don't hear from the big dogs, then I take it that the shot missed the mark. I would appreciate more feedback, but don't feel qualified to give it, at least not when it comes to things like composition, tone, etc. I can only speak to the impact an image has, because anyone can perceive that. Anyway, I know it takes extra time to truly break a photo down and critique it, so that puts a lot of burden on the "real" photographers on here to sort of help their fan club to get better, when all they get in return are lots of "loves" and "nice shot". For instance, I could not do a true critique of any of your photos Cindy because I don't see anything that could be improved upon. When I see something you post I like a lot I study your ISO, aperture and shutter speed and try to determine how you used light and file it in my memory banks. On the other hand I would guess that you are capable of giving a professional evaluation of any image on this site.

Oh wow, I am just an amatuer myself. I have been on a site for five years that has worldwide membership where reviews are written on your work by other members and have learned alot. But it grew boring to me after certain members left and everyone seems to expect a five star rating or them get their feathers ruffled so I don't participate as much. If you want to check it out my profile is, some are on CA and some are not but you can read the reviews and get an idea of what I am talking about. Especially about composition and exposure. When I look at one of my photos from 8-10 years ago I cringe. But I consider myself to still be learning. I don't usually do critiques on this site because I like to go by impact and what strikes me. I try and write a comment. I know the "nice shot" is repeated alot. I study the ISOs and apertures given as well. Most people have their own unique style and I appreciate all of them. Amanda as you said does, in my opinion, excellent work with her portraits. They are beautiful, gritty and unafraid. Well I'm at work so I guess I should get to work.