Hey! Any critique on this picture would be greatly appreciated!

This is what the old camera I used was automatically set on, if it helps to know that information! COOLPIX S51ƒ/4.11/80 sec.15 mm100 ISO

It's pretty decent. I love the contrast in between the tones. They rather have an interesting approach. But I wished that the composition was more maintained because I feel that you can really grasp more depth and emphasis towards detail if there were more into the photo without being clustered.

If you only make one change for me it would be to crop the photo so you can't see the bank on this side of the pond. The second suggestion for cropping would be a personal choice but you might try cropping out most of that first layer of blue sky so you just get a hint of it and the photo starts with the tops of the pink section

For me personally the barn is too much in the center of the photo - try cropping it either from the left side to the edge of the roofline (I like it with a bit of the roof left off) or from the other side crop to just beyond the edge of the barn.

Also using a tiny bit of a pink filter would help bring out the sky color and reduce the blue cast and highlight the pink in the sky more.

Let's see if I can figure out how to post a picture here to show the cropping changes - apparently NOT!! but here's a link to it

edited version

Thank you both! And Karen, it won't let me see the picture because I don't have permission to view your facebook page

BTW I meant to say that it is a really pretty scene and definitely has all the makings of a great photo:)

Oh wow! Thank you! The picture looks much better when cropped like that!

Cropping for me is always hard on these kinds of photos- I just have to play around till I get what my eye likes - there are so many angles to come from and more than one can be a good photo so it's kinda personal preference. Glad you could see it - that whole thing is a mystery to me on here:)

Plenty of good characteristics to work with. Image is grainy. Sharpening may help. Cropping as others have suggested. Nix the logo.

Shooting with an ISO of 100 - 400 in landscapes will greatly reduce the noise (grainy look) in your photos. I agree with Karen on cropping into the right side of the shot. The colors are beautiful.