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How do I edit my photo?

There are two ways to edit photo information: individually or in bulk. Read on for instructions on how to edit photo info one at a time. You must be logged in to edit your photos.

Step 1: First, navigate to the photo you'd like to edit.

Step 2: Click on the "edit" button at the top of the photo.

Step 3: A box will pop up where you can edit or add information including your photo's title, caption, category, location and any other info. Please make your description as accurate as possible. If any of your photos are selected for digital or real-world publication, it would be best to have good information! Once the information is all set, click the "save" button. Voila!

If you want to edit photos more quickly, you can edit photos in a batch using the edit photos page. Check out how to use the edit photos page.

How do I edit multiple photos at once?

Editing photos one at a time is an easy way to focus your attention, but sometimes you may want to see all your photos at once and bulk edit them. Bulk editing takes place on the edit photos page. To get to the edit photos page, navigate to Your Name->Edit Photos in the top right of the navigation bar.

The next step is to select which photos you'd like to load into the edit photos page to edit. By default, all your photos will be listed with the newest submission first. You can load other photos into the edit page by searching your photos or applying a pre-defined filter, like "latest upload." Note: searching photos requires you already have information stored for your photo. Also, the search index is updated every 30 minutes, so if you don't see one of your photos in the results, it may not have been indexed yet.

Once you have the photos you want to edit loaded into the edit photos page, edit them to your heart's content. Add or edit a photo's title, caption, category and place.

When you've made all the edits you want to make, simply click the "save changes" button atop the page. Just like that, all added or updated info is saved!

Remember, you can always edit photos individually if that seems easier to you.

How do I delete my photo?

Deleting a photo can be taken care of in one of two places: from the photo's page, or from the edit photos page. Either way you must be logged in.

To delete a photo from the photo's page, click the "edit" button atop the photo. At the bottom of the edit box you'll see a "delete" button. Click that and your photo will be deleted.

To delete a photo from the edit photos page, simply hover your mouse over the photo you want to delete and click the red "x" button that appears at the top-right of the photo. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the photo, and clicking "Ok" will delete the photo.

It's as easy as that. If you have a photo eligible for a challenge or publication, you can delete it at any time before the submission phase is closed.

Can I combine votes of duplicate photos before deleting?

Sorry, this isn't possible. There's a few reasons why we don't allow this, but biggest reason is that people could use this for cheating purposes. We're sure you understand. The best thing to do is delete the newer version as it likely has fewer votes, or replace the photo if it is exactly the same.

Can I rotate my photo after uploading it?

Unfortunately not. The best thing to do is to rotate the photo so it is orientated correctly with a photo editing application like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, then replace the incorrect version with the new/correct version. If the photo doesn't look rotated on your computer but shows up rotated here, it's probably because some photo viewing applications display photos as rotated in the view, but the actual photo file has not been rotated. You need to rotate the actual file with a photo editing application.

Why does my photo get cropped when it's in a thumbnail view?

The thumbnail sizes are generated automatically when a photo is uploaded. It can't be changed. It won't affect a photo's popularity or score, however, since voting only takes place when a photo is viewed full frame.

How do I replace a photo?

Because each photo has a unique ID and votes cannot be combined from two different photos, there are a few cases where replacing a photo is required. For example, if you uploaded a low-resolution version of your photo and want to replace it with a high-resolution version, the best course of action is replacing the low-res version with the high-res version. Or, if you accidentally uploaded a rotated version of your photo, or if you need to upload a non-watermarked version of your photo, replacement will fix things up in a hurry.

Replacing a photo does not change its popularity or score, and all comments remain intact. Here's how to replace one of your photos.

Step 1: First, navigate to the photo you want to replace.

Step 2: Click the "edit" button atop the photo, then click the "replace" button in the bottom of the edit box.

Step 3: You'll be taken to the replace photo page. Click add files.

Step 4: Select the replacement (new) photo from your computer, then click upload.

Step 5: Once your replacement photo is selected, click upload.

After your photo is done uploading and processing, you will be redirected back to the photo page with your replacement photo.

Why can't I change the category for my photo?

If your photo has recently won a Photo of the Day award you won't be able to change the photo's category for 14 days from the date the photo won for. This is to prevent users from winning in one category and then immediately changing to the proper category afterwards. You can see how many days are left until you can change the category in the location where you would usually find the category drop-down menu when editing your photo.