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What's in this for me? Why participate?

Exposure, mostly. Thousands of folks from Arkansas are visiting Capture Arkansas day after day. Submit your photos and folks will surely like what you do. You can also link to your photography services, photoblog, email, etc. on your user profile page so people interested in your work can figure out how to get ahold of you. You can also win some prizing in the various Capture Arkansas challenges. Plus, there's always the possibility your photos will be published in real-world products (if you opt to allow it), which opens up a whole new world of exposure.

Beyond exposure, Capture Arkansas is a lot of fun! We hear from users that they love connecting with other photographers from Arkansas and Capture Arkansas is a great way to get feedback on your photography and improve on what you're doing. Capture Arkansas is a place to share your photos, connect with others and learn!

How do I promote my photos?

The best way is to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email. On your photo's page, click a social-network icon or click the share button. Fill out your custom message asking your friends and family to vote for your photo, then send it off!

What's the best way get the editors' attention?

Editors love to hang out on Capture Arkansas. To catch their attention, shoot good photography! It's as simple as that. If you want to be an active contributor, submit your photos to applicable challenges. You'll be surprised how much editorial feedback you will find all over Capture Arkansas.

How do I become a better photographer?

Capture Arkansas is the perfect place to get rich feedback on your photography. Folks vote for your photos, so you'll be able to see which of your photos people like most. At the same time, people can comment on your photos, love your photos, or even provide detailed critiques on various aspects of your photos as a comment. Our editors are also constantly picking photos for challenges, showcases and other publications, so you'll get some great feedback from editors. Feedback from others on Capture Arkansas is a great way to hone your skills as a photographer.