New Features and Book Update

Changing Colors by Lisa Deaton

Hey gang! We have a few quick updates for you, including an update on the progress of the Capture Arkansas 2010 book!

First, we're excited to announce Capture Arkansas will be up year-round! Although the book phase has ended, we still want to see the best of Arkansas in photos. All photos and votes will help shape future spotlights, challenges, and products! We are working on a roadmap for future products but anything you upload now, and all voting taking place now, will contribute to anything being published down the line. Who knows, the photos you upload now may end up in the Capture Arkansas 2012 book (if there is one). Note: As always, photographers will opt-in to specific product use. We will never use a photo in anything without your permission.

To help keep Capture Arkansas a destination for great Arkansas photography, we have a few new features on the Capture Arkansas website to share with you. We're excited to have such an active community of photographers and photo fans even after the book phase has ended. Did you know almost 10,000 photos have been submitted and more than 300,000 votes have been cast since the book phase ended? That's incredible! We hope the new features will help make Capture Arkansas even more fun and active!

Get Ready by Bob ShullSpotlights

We revamped spotlights to be more about activity for the month than a particular theme. We now highlight the top photos, top photographers and recent badges for the month. Submit your photo and see how it stacks up against other photos for the month. We still award badges and give away prizes, too, for the people's choice and the editors' pick!


As a part of our effort to keep things interesting, we're now running challenges on various themes. Challenges are a fun way to highlight a specific subject and see the top-rated photos from Capture Arkansas photographers. Once you submit your photos to a challenge, you may find it on the leaderboard. At the end of each challenge the top-voted photo and the editors' pick will earn a badge! In the future, we'll be awarding prizes for challenges as well. Check out the currently running Football challenge or the Fall Foliage challenge, and get ready for the 10-10-10 challenge on October 10th!

Harp Player  by JAMES WESTEvents

There's always something going on in Arkansas, and now you can pool together photos of an event on Capture Arkansas. You can make your own private event (only you can submit photos to it), then ask your friends and family to vote for photos of your event, or you can submit a request for a public event where anyone can submit photo, like the Capture Arkansas 2010 Release Party event. Check out other events or submit your own today! Perfect for meetups, photowalks, family events, festivals, etc.

We have a lot of other cool features in the pipeline as well, so stay tuned! If you have any feature ideas you'd like to see developed, shoot us an email.

Finally, here's an update on the Capture Arkansas 2010 book. The final files are off to press! We've released the list of published photographers for everyone to see. Check it out to see all of the talented photographers represented in the book! You can also still save on the Capture Arkansas 2010 book for a limited time. It makes the perfect holiday gift so grab as many copies as you can at the discounted rate. We'll be sending out another update with details on the release party, or you can get ahead of the game and check out the details here.

That's it! Get out there and Capture Arkansas and contribute to the project in this month's spotlight, challenges and events!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 8 years ago in Capture Arkansas News