Collecting Ideas for Capture Arkansas IV

Collecting Ideas


It's time to get started on the next book, Capture Arkansas IV! For this next volume, we want to take a bit of a different angle at it...

Starting later this month, we'll run challenges specifically to capture unique and interesting things about Arkansas with the distinct goal of using photos from these challenges in the book! How these challenges will fit in the book is yet to be determined, but we plan to move away from the static landscapes, architecture, people, etc. sort of chapters and instead feature smaller challenge-like chapters in the Capture Arkansas IV book.

Here's the really cool part: we want you, the Capture Arkansas community, to come up with the Capture Arkansas IV challenges. We actually created a post on the forums for just this purpose. We want to collect your Capture Arkansas IV challenge ideas in the aforementioned forum thread on an ongoing basis, then pick the best ideas and run them for all to participate.

So, give us your best challenge ideas! Remember to consider what would be interesting to lots of folks who might buy the Capture Arkansas IV book. A "raindrops on roses" challenge might sound interesting at first, but if an entire chapter of rained-on rose photos ended up in the book, it probably wouldn't be interesting to many people. Think bigger. Think broader. Think about what makes Arkansas so special, then figure out a way to make that a challenge theme.

Please post your ideas in this thread. Be as detailed as possible so we can be sure we understand your angle. Also, there are no bad ideas. We can't use all ideas, obviously, but we welcome everyone to contribute their ideas at this phase.

More details on the Capture Arkansas IV book will be posted in the near future, including the opt-in to be sure your photos are considered for the book.


Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published about 5 years ago in Capture Arkansas News