Our First Showcase Publication

Arkansas in White

We are proud to announce the publication of our first showcase, Arkansas in White, featuring Arkansas winter photography, challenge results and a showcased photographer. It's an editorial digital publication we think you'll enjoy. Please check it out and share it with friends, family or anyone who loves Arkansas. You don't have to love Capture Arkansas to love fine Arkansas photography.

A showcase is something we've never done before on Capture Arkansas. The idea is to present the very best Arkansas photos in a particular theme as hand-picked by our editors. All over the site we show you popular photos, top photos and other groupings by score. A showcase is markedly different because it is hand-curated by a group of editors. There are no robots, algorithms or scoring that goes into picking photos for a showcase. Every photograph, comment, photographer and challenge result was selected for publication by Capture Arkansas editors.

Our first showcase publication, Arkansas in White, is all about the winter season in Arkansas. We showcase some dramatic winter photography as well as highlight challenge results from January and February and draw attention to one of our favorite winter photographers, Stephanie Saclolo. Visit the showcase, grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy it.

Our next showcase will cover March and April. We're not sure what the theme will be, but you can help us decide. Shoot us an email with your showcase theme ideas, or simply submit great shots over the next two months. Our editors will be watching photos come in and decide on a theme based on quality shots being submitted of particular subjects.

Thanks for checking out our new showcase. We hope you love it!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published about 8 years ago in Capture Arkansas News