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About Me

Born in Kansas I fell in love with the rolling hills and wheat fields. I started taking pictures when I was thirteen years old. It was then I fell in love with photography. I found deep lustrous West Texas sunsets and lake views when I moved to Houston Texas. This is where I met the South Texas landscapes and the Gulf of Mexico sunrises. I was fortunate enough to travel most of the United States and Canada through my work where I saw so much beauty in our country. Now I call North West Arkansas my home. I know God laid His hands on this land. The beauty here in NWA could have only come from Him. It is so rich with picture perfect scenes every where you look. The pictures I take, I take, so everyone can see how beautiful Gods creation is. I want to inspire all people to see the world and what it offers them right outside their own front door. I want everyone to get outside of their everyday life and explore. To open their eyes to all the beauty and peace that surrounds us. This is my dream and my goal.